1000M WDM Fiber Media Converter

1000M WDM Fiber Media Converter

SY-GE-i1000-B13(15) series is a kind of 10/100/1000M intelligent adaptive fast Ethernet media converter. with internal power supply. It can implement date transmission between twisted pair electrical signals and optical signals which are the two type of network connection media. It expands the network transmitting range limit from the copper wire 100 meters to 224-550M (multi- model optical fiber);100 kilometers (single model optical fiber), and can easily realize the link between HUB, SWITCH, the server, the terminal and long-distance terminal. SY-GE-i1000-B13(15) series Ethernet fiber optic media converter support plug and play, which means that it can work either independently or with others in a rack case.
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10/100/1000M Single Fiber Media Converter 1310nm/1550nm and 1550nm/1310nm, 20km, SC connector , Europe/USA Power supply . 

What is a fiber Media Converter ?

fiber Media Converter is a kind of Ethernet transmission media conversion unit that interchanges short distance electric signals and long distance optical signals. It is also called photoelectric converter in many places. Optical fiber transceivers are generally used in the actual network environment where Ethernet cables cannot be covered and optical fiber must be used to extend the transmission distance, and are usually located in the access layer of broadband metropolitan area network applications, and also play a great role in the last kilometer of optical fiber connection to the metropolitan area network and the outer layer of the network.

The role of fiber Media Converter.

fiber Media Converter are usually used in the actual network environment where optical fiber must be used to extend the transmission distance. Optical fiber transceivers can convert the electrical signals to be sent into optical signals, and at the same time convert the received optical signals into electrical signals, which are then input into the receiving end.

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