LC/Upc-LC/Upc Multi-Mode Duplex Optic Fiber Jumper Cable

LC/Upc-LC/Upc Multi-Mode Duplex Optic Fiber Jumper Cable

Fiber optic Fc patch cord is a fiber optic cable capped at either end with connectors that allow it to be rapidly and conveniently connected to CATV
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For a long time, we have insisted on winning customers and the market with quality and price to ensure the strong competitiveness of our media converter, 10G SFP+ AOC, Professional PLC Splitter. Our company abides by the quality policy of 'quality first, striving for perfection'. Our products have been affirmed by many parties. Our products are all over the world and have become the best in the same trade. It not only improves work efficiency, but also effectively guarantees product quality and enhances customers' confidence in our products. The trust and recognition of customers is our company's solid foundation and strong guarantee, and it is also the continuous driving force for development. We hope that our products and services can bring you satisfaction and grow together with you in cooperation!

LC to LC Multi Mode Fiber Optic Patch Cord


Fiber optic Fc patch cord is a fiber optic cable capped at either end with connectors that allow it to be rapidly and conveniently connected to CATV, an optical switch, or other telecommunication equipment. Having a thick layer of protection, it is used to connect the optical transmitter, receiver, and the terminal box. This is known as "interconnect-style cabling".


1). Telecommunication networks

2). CATV Networks

3). Active device termination

4). Local area networks


1). PC/UPC/APC Polishing

2). High return loss and low insertion loss3).0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm cable available

4). High temperature stability

5). Good interchangeability

6). Simplex and duplex patch cords, fan-out, and pigtail available

7). FC/SC/ST/LC/MU/MT-RJ/MPO/E2000 available

All our products are manufactured under ISO9001:2000, UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS compliance to ensure the quality of products.

We not only cooperate with many companies from all over the world and support these partners to win in the market, but also offer OEM fiber optic assemblies to some world leading companies in this industry.

1. Why we can choose you?

Reliable---we are the real company, we dedicate in win-win

Professional---we offer the products exactly you want

Factory---we have factory, supply reasonable price

2 . How about the price?Can you make it cheaper?

The price depends on the item your demand(quantity)

Beat quotation after receiving full description of the item you want.

3. Can you supply OEM products under our brand?

Accept OEM service with OEM package

4. How can I communication with you more easier ?

WeChat : Soptic

Skype/Email :

Mobile : 86-18681565857

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We pay attention to customer needs, understand their business, and provide them quality LC/Upc-LC/Upc Multi-Mode Duplex Optic Fiber Jumper Cable. Our company adheres to the 'people-oriented' work philosophy and provides professional products and services. We sincerely hope to conduct various forms of communication and cooperation with you, and look forward to your guidance! For many years, the company has been focused on the market with high taste and fine workmanship, satisfying customers with fashionable and fresh design concepts.


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