MPO Fiber Adapter

MPO Fiber Adapter

The MPO connector is a type of optical fiber connector that is often used as a high-speed transmission standard, such as IEEE 802.3bm standard for 40G/100G transmission, which can be used in the data center.
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CATV System


Optical Networks

Testing / Measurement Instruments

 Fiber To the Home



High size precision;

Good repeatability;

Good changeability;

Good temperature stabilization. High wearable.



Insertion Loss

<0.20 dB

Plug and unplug force



plug and unplug 1000times

Operating Temperature


Ordering Options

Housing Material

Sleeve Material



Nickel plated brass







MPO fiber optic adapter connection with single core SC fiber optic adapter, SC fiber optic adapter within the ceramic sleeve assembly, in the SC connector plug core connection through the sleeve for precise alignment, and MPO adapter is to use an MPO plug connector core end around two 0.7 mm diameter hole with the guidance of guiding needle (also called the PIN needle) for precise connection, so the MPO adapter no single multimode, SC has single multimode optical fiber adapter is because the socket is not the same quality.

Fiber adapter also known as fiber coupler, fiber flange, the name is different. It is mainly used to connect the same or different optical fiber active connectors in the fiber exposure so that the optical path can be unblocked with little loss. It can precisely connect the two sections of the optical fiber, so that the output light energy of the transmitting optical fiber can be coupled to the receiving optical fiber to the maximum extent, and the impact on the system due to its interference in the optical link can be minimized. Suitable for telecommunication communication system, cable TV network, local area network, optical domain network, FTTH optical fiber to the home, video transmission, test instrument FC optical fiber adapter: the external strengthening method is using metal sleeve, fastening method for the screw. FC type connector, using ceramic pin butt end. This kind of connector is simple in structure, easy to operate and easy to make, but the optical fiber end is sensitive to dust and easy to produce Fresnel reflection, so it is difficult to improve the performance of return loss. Later, this type of connector was improved by adopting a spherical pin (PC) on the butt surface, while the external structure was not changed, which greatly improved the performance of insertion loss and return loss. SC fiber adapter: rectangular housing, pin and coupling sleeve size exactly the same as FC type. PC or APC grinding mode is usually adopted for the end faces of the pins. Fastening method is the use of plug and pull pin latch type, do not need to rotate. Equipped with metal shrapnel, easy to use in the dark. This kind of connector has the advantages of low price, convenient operation, small fluctuation of interventional loss, high compressive strength and high installation density.

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