SC Fiber Optic Quick Connector

SC Fiber Optic Quick Connector

The Fast Connector (Field Assembly Connector or Field terminated fiber connector, quickly assembly Fiber connector) is a revolutionary field installable optical fiber connector that requires no epoxy and no polishing. The unique design of the patented mechanical splice body incorporates a factory-mounted fiber stub and a pre-polished ceramic ferrule. Using this onsite assembly optical connector, it is possible to improve the flexibility of optical wiring design as well as reducing the time required for fiber termination. The Fast connector series are already a popular solution for optical wiring inside buildings and floors for LAN & CCTV applications and FTTH.
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Product Details


Low insertion loss ,high return loss;                

Reliable optical performance;      

Good connection stability;           

Convenient for field installation;      

 Installs fast,Operates easy ;

Low cost.

Optical Characteristics

1.Nominal Wavelength(nm): SM 1310,1550,MM 850

2.Fiber Core Capacity: 1

3.Fiber Cladding: 125 fiber optic fast connector

4.Fiber Cord Type (mm): ø0.25, ø0.9

5.Insertion Loss (dB): SM 0.9Max GI 0.6Max

6.Return Loss (dB): SM 40Min

7.Ferrule End Face Criterion: SM SPC finish GI PC finish

fiber Scope

0.9mm tight buffer

Fiber Diameter

125μm ( 652 & 657 )

Coating Diameter




Operation Time

about 60s(exclude fiber presetting)

Insertion Loss

≤ 0.2dB(1310nm & 1550nm)

Return Loss

≤ -50dB

Success Rate


Reusable Times


Tighten Strength of Naked Fiber

>5 N

Tensile Strength

>40 N


-40 ~ +85 C

On-line Tensile Strength Test (20 N)

 IL ≤ 0.3dB

Mechanical Durability(500 times)

 IL ≤ 0.3dB

Drop Test(4m concrete floor, once each direction, three times total)

 IL ≤ 0.3dB


1, optical fiber clamping reliability is very good

Optical fiber clamping components are made of elastic metal materials, there is no aging problem of plastic components; The temperature change has little effect on the fiber holding force. In addition, the internal device with anti - loose mechanism, the device anti - vibration, anti - drop performance are very good.

2. Good stability of connection

There is an axial bonding force at the interface of the optical fiber. When the optical fiber is butted, the clearance between the end faces of the two optical fibers is almost zero, so the connection loss is often less than or equal to 0.3db, or even less than or equal to 0.1db. Because no fiber matching paste is used, there is no problem of loss, pollution and aging of fiber matching paste. In addition, the reliability of optical fiber clamping is very good, which determines the stability of the connection is very good.

3. Low insertion loss

Because the device is designed with a non-embedded optical fiber structure and there is only one optical fiber interface, the connection loss is generally smaller than the existing optical fiber fast connector.

4. The online tension resistance of the fiber optic quick connector has no effect on the connection loss The axial tension borne by the device directly ACTS on the shell of the device. The ceramic pin of the connector is not affected by the tension and does not affect the fiber butt effect, so it has no effect on the connection loss. 

5. Low use cost

Devices cost less to make, so they sell for less. And the installation is very simple, almost do not need special construction tools, can complete the installation. With the gradual implementation of FTTH, products with excellent performance and low cost are bound to be the mainstream of the market. 

6. Good maintenance

Installation and maintenance is very simple, whether the construction personnel, or users, just need to carry out a simple guide or read the "installation instructions", the use of fiber construction tools can be used to complete the installation and maintenance.

7. Very fast installation speed

The device is equipped with a special optical fiber guiding mechanism, which is very fast and convenient to pass through the optical fiber. If the construction of bare fiber is completed, the optical fiber positioning clamping can be completed in less than 10 seconds, including the compression of the optical fiber. Generally, the installation can be completed in about 30 seconds (except the preparation time of the optical fiber).

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