SFP Upgrade Advantages

- Jul 18, 2018-

Many people don't know the difference between SFP and sfp+, so sometimes it brings unnecessary trouble. The 10G module went through the development from 300PIN,XENPAK,X2,XFP, and finally realized the transmission of 10G signal with the same size as SFP, which is SFP+.

With its miniaturization, low cost and other advantages, SFP meets the high density requirements of the optical module, which was introduced from the 2002 standard, and has replaced XFP as the mainstream of the 10G market by 2010.

Advantages of SFP+ Optical modules:

1. SFP+ has a more compact shape than X2 and XFP package (the same size as SFP);

2. Can be directly connected with the same type of XFP,X2,XENPAK;

3. The cost is lower than XFP,X2,XENPAK products.

The difference between SFP+ and SFP:

1. SFP and SFP+ appearance of the same size;

2. SFP protocol norms: IEEE802.3, SFF-8472;

The difference between SFP+ and XFP:

1. SFP+ and XFP are 10G fiber modules, and with other types of 10G modules can be interoperable;

2. SFP+ than XFP appearance size is smaller;

3. because of the smaller size SFP+ signal modulation function, serial/solver, MAC, clock and data Recovery (CDR), as well as electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) function from the module to the motherboard card;

4. XFP compliance with the Agreement: XFP MSA Agreement;

5. SFP+ compliance with the agreement: IEEE 802.3ae, SFF-8431, SFF-8432; 6, SFP+ is the more mainstream design.