Related Comparisons

- Oct 01, 2018-

SFP+ and SFP

1. SFP and SFP+ appearance of the same size;

2. SFP protocol norms: IEEE802.3, SFF-8472;

SFP+ and XFP

1. SFP+ and XFP are 10G fiber modules, and with other types of 10G modules can be interoperable;

2. Because of the smaller size of the SFP+ signal modulation function, serial/solver, MAC, clock and data Recovery (CDR), as well as electronic

The dispersion compensation (EDC) function is moved from the module to the motherboard card;

3. XFP compliance with the Agreement: XFP MSA Agreement;

4. SFP+ compliance with the agreement: IEEE 802.3ae, SFF-8431, SFF-8432;

5. SFP+ is the more mainstream design.


1. SFP+ has a more compact shape than X2 and XFP package (the same size as SFP);

2. Can be directly connected with the same type of XFP,X2,XENPAK; 3, the cost is lower than XFP,X2,XENPAK products.