Function And Application Of Fiber Optic Module

- Jun 26, 2019-

SOPTIC sfp module plays an important role in the transmission process. Optical fiber module is a conversion module between photoelectric signals. Electrical signals need to be converted into optical signals before they can be transmitted in the optical fiber. Only after reaching the destination can they be converted into electrical signals can they be used by receiving equipment. The fiber optic module is necessary to ensure the good transmission of the information. Therefore, with the continuous development of the network, the demand for optical modules is becoming larger and larger.

 Fiber-optic receivers

With the rapid development of high-speed network era, the transmission of copper wire is becoming more and more backward, with high cost, slow transmission and high transmission loss. It has been gradually eliminated from the market and replaced by optical fiber. The advantages of light over copper wire, low cost, large resources, high optical transmission efficiency, low loss and so on, are enough to declare the end of the era of copper wire and the rise of the era of light. The traditional use of network cable or coaxial line can provide communication bandwidth and signal quality can not meet the growing needs of customers. And the birth of optical fiber to fill the gap. In the process of optical signal transmission, optical fiber modules need to be used to convert electrical signals into optical signals through laser drivers and lasers, and then to carry out long-distance transmission through optical fiber. When optical signals reach the opposite end, optical signals will be converted into electrical signals through optical fiber receivers.