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- Oct 14, 2019-

As you know that SFP components are exceptionally vulnerable. Dust, dirt or tampering might cause physical damage. If you're experiencing problems when connecting devices in your datacentre, check the connector, the module, and the module slot to make sure that you know what you are doing when plugging in SFP+ modules and fiber optic cables. or pls contact ours to get support . 

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Failure of optical module function and matters needing attention in use

1. The optical module fails

The failure of optical module function can be divided into transmitting end failure and receiving end failure. Based on the analysis of specific reasons, the most common problems focus on the following aspects:

1. Light mouth contamination and damage

Because of the pollution and damage of the optical interface, the loss of the optical link becomes large, which leads to the failure of the optical link. The reasons are as follows:

A. The light port of the light module is exposed to the environment and contaminated by dust;

B. the end face of the used optical fiber connector has been polluted, and the optical port of the optical module has been polluted twice;

C. improper use of the end face of the light connector with tail fiber, end face scratch, etc.;

D. Use of inferior optical fiber connectors;

E. Improper insertion and removal, broken ceramic sleeve, etc.

the veneer slightly, and the link may be connected. However, in the case of vibration, collision, etc., the optical module will be broken or even loose.

B. There are ceramic parts in the light module. Please be careful when taking the light module.

C. When inserting the optical fiber cable into the optical module, it is required to move gently and insert it directly into the optical port. If the force is too strong or inserted diagonally, the optical module may be damaged;

D. Most optical modules support hot plugging, but frequent hot plugging is not recommended, which is easy to cause electrical damage;

E. Confirm the operation specification of the light module: when taking out the light module, do not touch the golden finger of the light module to avoid damage to the light module; When inserting the light module, confirm that the handle of the light module is attached to the light port of the light module and then insert; When pulling out the optical module, first pull out the fiber cable, pull the handle to the position of about 90 degrees and slowly pull out. When pulling out, do not pull out with too much force or the handle is not in place, which may cause damage to the optical module shielding cover.