- Nov 01, 2018-

The SFP+ BIDI single-fiber bidirectional Wan module supports 10G transmission rates, with low jitter, high performance 1330nm/1270nm DFB laser components (1330/1270 nm wavelength) in the launch section to support maximum transmission distance 10km. Supports hot-swappable, single-fiber bidirectional transmission with digital diagnostic monitoring capabilities to support commercial-grade temperature ranges (0℃~+70℃). Mainly used in 10GBASE LR Ethernet Ethernet, 10G LW Fibre channel Fibre Channel and other fields. BiDi (Bidirectional) is: Single fiber bidirectional. Using WDM technology, sending and receiving two directions uses different center wavelengths. Realize a fiber optic transmission light signal in both directions. The general optical module has two ports, TX is the launch port and the RX is the receiving port, while the optical module has only 1 ports, filtered through the filter in the optical module, while completing the launch of the 1270nm optical signal and the receiving of the 1330nm optical signal, or vice versa.

Therefore, the module must be used in pairs, his biggest advantage is to save fiber resources.