5G Brings New Opportunities To Optical Fiber

- Jul 05, 2019-

5G brings new opportunities to optical fiber, optical module and WDM optical devices

As for the opportunity of optical fiber in 5G era, wei leping said that 5G has a huge demand for the number of optical fiber. Considering the upward edge rate of 3Mbps, the upward difference between 3.5ghz and 1.8ghz is 9dB. According to 3.5g independent network, the required outdoor macro station is at least 2 times of 4G, indoor coverage depends on the small base station, need tens of millions, it can be seen that 5G still needs a lot of fiber to connect various base stations, at least hundreds of millions of core kilometers.

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"The new fiber will be the focus, especially the ultra-low loss g.654e fiber, the 4dB gain. Indoor stations and data centers bring the need for flexural resistance and a new generation of multimode fiber." Wei leping further said.

In terms of optical modules in the era of 5G, high-speed optical modules will embrace great opportunities. Wei leping estimates that 5G will bring the amount of 25G / 40G / 100G optical modules of tens of millions of magnitude, and the data center will also bring greater development space for optical modules. PAM4 modulation is the main technique of high speed optical module.