What is a Copper module the different with common SFP module

- Jul 25, 2019-

What is a Copper module? the different with common SFP module .

The copper SFP  module is a photoelectric conversion module that supports hot plugging and its transmission distance is 10-30m or 80-100m, which is only suitable for short distance data transmission. However, ordinary optical modules can be divided into single mode and multi-mode. Single-mode optical modules are suitable for long-distance transmission, while multi-mode optical modules are suitable for short-distance transmission.

According to different packaging types, the interface module can be divided into SFP interface module, SFP+ interface module and GBIC interface module.

1. SFP modules: mouth correlates depending on the transmission rate can also be divided into electric mouth module, gigabit port module and adaptive power module, the adaptive electric module is a mouth to 10/100/1000 base rate of three gigabit optical module, integrated into the CMOS chip can be used to fast Ethernet and gigabit Ethernet, and other electric mouth module of this electric mouth module more innovation in terms of speed, can meet various requirements;


2, SFP+ Copper  module: also known as 10 gigabit Copper  module, the rate is 10G, designed for high-speed communication link, mainly used in 10 gigabit Ethernet, and its power consumption is very small. In addition, SFP+ Copper  module is the first 10G optical module to transmit through network cable, which can be used in the SFP+ Copper  of switch or network card to realize the connection with network equipment with RJ45 interface.

3. GBIC interface module: it is a GBIC interface module with transmission rate up to 1000Mbps and maximum transmission distance up to 100m.

The biggest difference between the interface module and the ordinary optical module is that the interface is different. One is optical port, which is the so-called LC interface, MPO/MTP interface and so on. In this way, they are also equipped with different wires. The electrical port module is equipped with copper cable, while the optical Copper  module is equipped with optical fiber. If the copper cable is wired, the price is lower.