What are the advantages of using industrial switches

- Feb 22, 2020-

What are the advantages of using industrial switches 

Industrial switches, also known as industrial Ethernet switches, are Ethernet switches used in industrial control. With the popularization of IP technology in traffic monitoring system, intelligent networked traffic management system emerges as The Times require, and industrial-grade intelligent POE switch is also widely used. The PoE requires only one cable to be installed and supported, is simple and space-efficient, and the device is portable (simple, convenient).

Save costs. Many live devices, such as video surveillance cameras, need to be installed in places where AC power is difficult to deploy, and PoE eliminates the need for expensive power and installation time, saving both cost and time.

Industrial switch has the following advantages:

1. Fast redundancy

Industrial switch products can form fast redundant network, using industrial switch has ultra-fast self-healing time less than 10 ms.

Commercial products can also form redundant networks, but the STP protocol needs to be started so that the redundant self-redundant time can reach 10~~30 seconds or more, so it cannot be used in industrial environments.

2. Anti-disturbance -- suitable for harsh environment

Industrial-grade switches can operate in harsh electromagnetic environments and have a higher level of protection against lightning, rapid pulses, and static electricity in data ports than commercial products do.

3, good temperature characteristics & installation mode flexibility

Industrial switches have good temperature characteristics. Industrial switches are designed for wide temperature. Operating temperature: -45 ~ 75℃ storage temperature: -45 ~ 85℃, meet the stable demand in severe weather environment. POE switch has af standard and at standard, and at has higher power supply than af. In general, at standard is compatible with af standard, and it is better to support at standard.

The poe-powered device only supplies power to the device that needs it, and the Ethernet cable only has voltage when connected to the device that needs it, eliminating the risk of leakage on the line. (security)


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