The difference between single mode and multimode of fiber patch cord

- Mar 28, 2019-

The concept of single mode and multi-mode is to classify optical fiber according to propagation mode -- the concept of multimode optical fiber and single-mode optical fiber propagation mode. In the field of optical fiber data transmission, the term "mode" is used to describe how optical signals travel within the fiber core -- that is, the way light travels. So a single-mode fiber, light travels along a path; In a multimode fiber, light travels in multiple paths.

1. Appearance: the sheath of single-mode fiber jumper is generally yellow, while the multi-mode is usually orange or the so-called aqua green (the color between blue and green); In terms of core diameter, multi-mode is generally slightly thicker.

patch cord

2 transmission distance: the transmission distance of single-mode fiber is not less than 5km, which is generally used for long-distance communication; Multi-mode optical fiber can only reach about 2km, which is suitable for short distance communication in buildings or on campus.

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3. Light source: led light source is relatively scattered and can produce multiple modes of light, so it is mostly used for multi-mode optical fiber; The laser light source is close to a single mode, so it is usually used in single-mode fiber.