The Advantages of 100G SFP module

- Jul 13, 2019-

The Advantages of 100G SFP module


1. CFP optical module supports all c-band wavelength adjustable, and can complete link detection. The common optical dual-binary modulation pattern ODB is selected for convenient arrangement, and the power consumption is less than 24W.

2. The volume of CFP2 optical module is one half of that of CFP, and its integration level is twice that of CFP. It can achieve stable acceptance sensitivity within a wide dynamic input range based on SOA, and support comprehensive CFP optical module with power consumption lower than 9W.

3. The volume of CFP4 optical module is half of that of CFP2, and its integration is twice as high as that of CFP2. The density of front plate port is also twice as high as that of CFP2. CFP4 optical module MSA protocol supports the same rate as CFP2 and CFP2s, and the transmission power is significantly increased, but the power consumption is greatly reduced, only about half of the original, and the system cost is lower than that of CFP2.

In addition, the CFP4 optical module adopts the form of 4*25 and completes 100G transmission through 4 25G channels, with higher transmission power and better stability.

4. The packaging style of QSFP28 optical module is smaller than that of CFP4 optical module. The power consumption of QSFP28 optical module is generally no more than 3.5w. Using QSFP28 optical module, it can be directly upgraded from 25G to 100G without 40G, with lower cost.