- Mar 01, 2018-

The center glass Core is very thin (the core diameter is generally 9 or 10μm), only one mode of fiber can be transmitted. Therefore, the die Intercolor dispersion is very small, suitable for remote communication, but there is still material dispersion and waveguide dispersion, so that single-mode fiber on the spectral width and stability of the light source has a higher requirement, that is, the spectral width to be narrow, stability is better. It was later found that at the wavelength of 1.31μm, the material dispersion and waveguide dispersion of single-mode fiber were positive, one negative and the size was exactly equal. In this way, the 1.31μm wavelength region has become an ideal working window for optical fiber communication, and is now the main working band of practical optical fiber communication system 1.31μm the main parameters of conventional single-mode fiber are determined by ITU-T in the G652 proposal, so this fiber is also known as G652 fiber.