MPO fiber optic jumper

- Apr 02, 2020-

MPO fiber optic jumper (also called MPO optical fiber connector) is one of MT series connectors, MT series on the core insert core is used in face around two 0.7 mm diameter hole with the guidance of guiding needle (also called the PIN needle) for precise connection, MPO can have 2 ~ 12 core design, can be at most 24 core, on the market at present is the most used 12 core MPO connector. The compact design of MPO makes it have a large number of cores and a small volume, which is widely used in the connection of FTTX, 40/100g SFP, SFP+ and other transceiver devices in the high-density integrated optical fiber line environment.

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1. Concept of MPO fiber jumper

MPO fiber jumper refers to MPO connector and fiber optic cable processing can produce various forms of fiber jumper. The MPO jumper can have a 2 - to 12-core design, up to 24 cores, and the most commonly used is the 12-core MPO connector. Compact design of MPO connector makes MPO jumper cores more numerous and smaller in size. MPO fiber jumper is widely used in high-density integrated fiber line environment during wiring, FTTX and 40/100gsfp, SFP+ and other transceiver modules or equipment connection applications.

2. Development background of MPO fiber jumper

In order to meet the high density and high efficiency of optical communication system, MPO fiber jumper has been developed and appeared on the market. As a new technology, the high-end pickup density of MPO fiber systems can increase the number of fibers and applications of fiber connectors, not just 12 or 24, but perhaps 72. MTP/MPO high-density cabling system is to connect high-density optical fiber jumper wire with the ribbon optical cable in the factory, complete the end connection, test and equipment in the field, plug and play, agree to the rapid configuration, is the user data center in the background of continuous increase of high-capacity wiring, full of data center needs of the ideal solution. It has the characteristics of simple installation, fast construction speed, compact design, high precision, plug and play.

3. Common types of MPO fiber jumper

MPO fiber jumpers are divided into MPO main fiber jumpers and MPO branch fiber jumpers by application. As permanent connections to MTP/MPO modules, the MPO backbone fiber jumpers can be flexibly changed in the form of connections in the fiber panel. MPO branch fiber jumpers provide a transition between multiple fiber jumpers to single fiber jumpers or duplex connectors. These fiber optic jumpers provide a variety of applications for all networks and equipment requiring 100G modules, including CFP, CFP2 and CFP4 series. MPO fiber optic jumper wire transfer according to the connection types are divided into type with the transfer type, transfer MPO there are many types of fiber optic jumper, have banded MPO fiber optic jumper bunchy MPO, fiber optic jumper, via the branch (round or square) fan out of MPO fiber optic jumper, can generally through the 0.9 or 2.0 2 ~ 24 core fiber optic cable branch, connector type specified by the customer, FC, LC, SC, ST, such as type, various forms of MPO, fiber optic jumper wire products are accord with Telcordia GR - 326 and IEC standard and Rohs requirements.

4. Parameters and specifications of MPO fiber jumper

1. Applicable connector type MPO end: MPO or MTP; Branch connector: FC, LC, SC, ST (customer's choice) 2. Single-mode and multi-mode (PC) of fiber type 3. Operating wavelength range: 1250-1650nm 850nm,1300nm4. Test wavelength: 1310nm,1550nm 850nm,1300nm5. Branch end connector :UPC or APC MPO:PC; Connector at branch end :UPC or APC6, insertion loss IL MPO: typical value ≤0.50dB, maximum ≤0.70dB7, connector at branch end: typical value ≤0.20dB, maximum ≤0.30dB 8, MPO: typical value ≤0.40dB, maximum ≤0.50dB9, connector at branch end: typical value ≤0.20dB, maximum ≤0.30dB10, return loss RL MPO:APC≥50dB11, UPC≥50dB,APC≥60dB ≥35dB12, suitable for optical cable MPO end: ribbon optical cable, bundle optical cable; Branch end connector: 2.0 or 0.9mm loose casing fan out 13, repeatability ≤ 0.10db14, exchangeability ≤ 0.20db15, durability MPO: plug and pull 500 times, typical change value ≤ 0.20db16, branch end connector: plug and pull 1000 times, typical change value ≤ 0.20db17, vertical tension ≥120N(except 0.9mm cable) or customer requirements 18, working temperature -20℃to+70℃19, storage temperature -40℃to+85℃.

5. Advantages of MPO fiber jumper

1, provide 12 to 144 core optical fiber connection 2, 4, 8, 12, 24 core MPO connector, miniaturization of minimizing fault and reduce wiring space, can smooth g upgrade from 10 to 40 g, 100 g network transmission, and support 100 g transmission delay indicators 4, according to different configuration, the user selects the multimode OM3, OM4 and single-mode G652D, G657A2 fiber specification 5, using small diameter circle, special structure of new type fiber optic cable, implements the smaller backbone fiber optic cable bending radius, 6, the use of dust, pressure, tension protection sleeves at both ends, can effectively protect the optical cable and optical fiber connector in the process of transportation and installation from damage.

6. Line sequence type of MPO fiber jumper

The TIA standard specifies three polarities for MTP fiber jumper, which are straight-through (Type A), crossover (Type B) and line-to-line crossover (Type C). MTP fiber jumper with different polarities is suitable for different applications.

7. 24-core MPO VS 12-core MPO fiber system

1. The 24-core MPO fiber system can achieve seamless upgrading of 10G, 40G and 100G. 40G fiber Ethernet requires the use of 8-fiber transmission, a 12-fiber MPO cable upgrade 40G, will have four wasted, and the 24-fiber MPO cable upgrade 40G can be exactly 1:3 configuration, no fiber wasted. 2. The 24-core MPO optical fiber system can support 100G optical fiber modules. Currently, the equipment manufacturer does not provide the 12-core MPO 100G optical fiber modules. 3, 24 MPO cable can be compared with 12 MPO cable has less space.