Optical Fiber Patch Cord/Cable

- Nov 01, 2018-

Optical fiber jumper (also known as optical fiber connector) refers to the optical cable on both ends of the connector plug, used to achieve active optical connection; A plug at one end is called a tail. Optical Fiber Patch Cord/Cable is similar to coaxial Cable, except it has no mesh shielding layer. The center is the glass core through which light travels. In a multimode fiber, the core is 50 microns to 65 microns in diameter, roughly the same thickness as a human hair. Single-mode fiber cores have diameters of 8 to 10 microns. The core is surrounded by a glass envelope with a lower refractive index than the core to keep the fiber in the core. Then there is a thin plastic cover to protect the cover.

  1. LC fiber jumper: developed by BELL research institute, the connector is similar to SC, but smaller than SC. Easy to operate modular jack latch, the size of pin and sleeve is 1.25mm, which is half the size of ordinary SC and FC. Connecting SFP optical module, which is often used in routers, can improve the density of optical fiber connector in optical fiber distribution frame to some extent.

Custom Fiber Optic Cable

2. SC fiber jumper: developed by NTT, the structure and size of its pin and coupling sleeve are exactly the same as FC type. Standard square connector, latch lock with plug and pin, no need to rotate. It is commonly used as connector of GBIC optical module, which is often used in routers. It has the characteristics of low price and low fluctuation of access loss. Often used for 100G BASE - FX connections.

sc to sc sm duplex

3.FC fiber jumper: first developed by NTT of Japan, FC is the abbreviation of Ferrule Connector in English, the external protective sleeve is metal sleeve, and the fastening mode is screw buckle. Generally, it is used on the side of ODF, and most often on the distribution frame. With strong fastening, anti - dust and other advantages.

FC to FC SM simplex

4. ST fiber jumper: the shell is round, the fastening mode is screw buckle, the fiber core is exposed, after the plug is inserted, a bayon is fixed by rotating half a circle. It is often used as the connector of 10BASE -- F, and is mostly used for optical fiber distribution frame.

din type single-mode simplex

5. MPO(multi-fiber Push On) fiber jumper connector is one of the MT series connectors. The two guide holes with a diameter of 0.7mm On the left and right side of the plug end face are precisely connected with the guide PIN (also known as PIN PIN).

mpo fiber jumper