Fiber media converter

- Oct 11, 2019-

10/100 base media converter c an work in conditions with ultra broad band voltage and with the temperature of 5 0ć. MDI, MDI-X functions are available on TP port so that the users can get connected directly with PC, switch, router or hub, no matter the users use straight-through TP cable or cross TP cable. When these series Media-Converter is working in Auto-negotiation mode, it's able to realize the best matching by adapting itself to the speeds and simplex-duplex modes of the equipments connected. LFP is a special function to indicate malfunctions happen to remote cable or cat 5. Led indicators on switch or hub can show them.




Available in full-duplex and half-duplex function

Withauto-negotiation, MDI/MDI-Xability,

Store and forward mode, broadcast storm protection 

With LED statusindictors, easy toi nstalland main tain, 

Static-proof and thunder stoke proof. 


Board Bank Fiber Network for network manager company

Board bank network for government organization , oil , industry,

system, railway transport, electric power system, public security,

education etc

Media transmission like picture, sound and data transfers

Stakeout and control on the spot.

Making network in abominable environments



Fiber Media Converter

IEEE802.3z/AB 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet supports two types media for network connection such as 10/100/1000Base-T and 1000Base-SX/LX. The media converter is designed with a switch controller and buffer memory that connects two types segments to operate smoothly. With internal power unit, it provides good stability and reliability. 


Compliant with IEEE802.3 IEEE802.3ab standards for TP connection and IEEE802.3z standards for fiber connection

10/100/1000 base-T to 1000Base-SX/LX fiber conversion. Provide Fiber-optic port with SC connector.

Automatically detects and configures the twisted pair port on the coveter to the correct MDI or MDI-X configuration.

Status LEDs for FX link, actively, PWR, TP link, activity, FDX.

Wide range of external power supply


Broadband fiber optic network.

FTTX(FTTC,FTTF,FTTB)   TelecomApplication

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