Fast Connector

- Dec 03, 2019-

1. Non-embedded fiber structure is adopted in the structure

There is no embedded fiber and matching paste inside the device. After the fiber is clamped, a magnifying glass can be used to check the end face of the fiber.

It can avoid large loss of fiber connection. Axial belt positioning mechanism, during the clamping process, the fiber will not move forward the axis.

2. The reliability of fiber clamping is very good

Fiber optic clamping components are made of elastic metal materials, there is no aging problem of plastic components; The temperature change has little effect on the holding force of the fiber. In addition, the internal device with anti - loose mechanism, device anti - vibration, anti - drop performance are very good

Fast connector

3. Good continuity stability

There is an axial adhesion force at the fiber connection, and when the fiber is connected, the gap between the end faces of the two fibers is almost zero. Therefore, the connection loss is often less than or equal to 0.3db, or even less than or equal to 0.1db. Since no fiber matching paste is used, no 。There are problems of loss, pollution and aging of fiber matching paste. In addition, the fiber clamping reliability is very good, which also determines the continuity stability is very good.

4. Low insertion loss

Since the device is designed as a non-embedded fiber optic structure, there is only one fiber optic junction, so the connection loss is generally less than the existing fiber optic fast connector.

5. The online resistance of the fiber optic quick connection connector has no effect on the connection loss

The axial tension borne by the device ACTS directly on the shell of the device. The ceramic insert of the connector is not subject to the tension and does not affect the effect of the optical fiber docking, so the connection loss is not affected.

6. The use cost is very low

The cost of manufacturing the device is lower, so the price is lower. And the installation is very simple, almost no special construction tools, to complete the installation. With the gradual implementation of global fiber to the home (FTTH), products with excellent performance and low cost of use are bound to be the mainstream of the market.

7. Good use and maintenance

Installation and maintenance is very simple, no matter the construction personnel, or the user, only need to conduct simple guidance or read the "installation instructions", the use of fiber optic construction tools can complete the installation and maintenance.

8. The installation speed is very fast

The special optical fiber guiding mechanism of the device belt makes it very fast and convenient to go through the optical fiber. If the construction of bare fiber is carried out, the optical fiber positioning and clamping can be completed in less than 10 seconds, including the compression of the optical fiber cable. Generally, the installation can be completed in about 30 seconds (except the preparation time of the optical fiber)