Classification of single - mode and multi - mode fiber patch cord

- Oct 09, 2019-

The most basic classification method of optical fiber jumpers is based on single-mode optical fiber jumpers and multi-mode optical fiber jumpers, but there are also many other classification methods, such as: there are other optical fiber jumpers with plastic as the transmission medium. According to the structure form of connector, it can be divided into FC , SC, ST, LC, MPO , armored jumper and other forms. Common fiber optic jumper can also be divided into fc-fc, fc-sc, fc-lc, fc-st, sc-sc and sc-st.

fiber optical cord.jpg

SC-SC MM simplex

LC OM3 fiber patch cord.jpg

OM3 Patch cord

mpo-lc fiber optic patch cord.jpg

SC-LC MM duplex 

Single mode patch cord : the general optical fiber jumper is indicated by yellow, and the connector and protective cover are blue. The transmission distance is longer. Multi-mode optical fiber jumper: general optical fiber jumper is orange, some are gray, the connector and protection apply beige or black; The transmission distance is short. Multi-mode optical fiber jumper products are widely used in: communication room, optical fiber to the home (FTTX), local area network, optical fiber sensor, optical fiber communication system, optical fiber connection transmission equipment, defense readiness, etc. Suitable for cable TV network, telecommunication network, computer optical fiber network and optical testing equipment. In addition, the optical fiber should not be excessively bent or wound in use, which will increase the attenuation of the light during transmission. After the multi-mode fiber jumper is used, the fiber connector must be protected with a protective sleeve. Dust and oil will damage the coupling of the fiber.

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