Application of PLC Optical splitter

- Jan 16, 2019-

PLC Splitteris a quartz substrate based integrated waveguide optical power distribution device, and coaxial cable transmission system is the same, the light collection system will also need to be coupled, branch, distribution, which requires optical Splitter to achieve. It is one of the most important passive devices in optical fiber link. It has multiple input terminals and multiple output optical fiber concatenation devices, which are especially used in passive optical convergence (EPON, GPON, BPON, etc.) to connect the terminals and terminal devices and realize the branching of light signal.

the introduction of the role of PLC, we can see that its application field is very broad, its main application often lies in:

Rack type: installed in 19 "OLT cabinet; When the optical fiber branch enters the home, the installation equipment provided is the standard digital cabinet; When the ODN needs to be placed on the table.

ABS box: installed in the 19 inch standard frame; When the optical fiber branch enters the home, the installation equipment provided is the optical fiber handover box; In the optical fiber branch to the home, the customer specified equipment installed.


Bare-fiber type: (1) installed in various types of tail fiber box. 

                         (2) installed in various types of test instruments and WDM system.

Branch type: (1) installation in various types of optical equipment.

                     (2) installed in various types of light test instrument.

Box 1x4FCAPC

Miniature: (1) installation in the cable connector box. (2) install in the module box. (3) installed in the wiring box.

Plug-in type: this device is used for the user access point in FTTX system that needs to divide light. It is mainly used to finish the end of the optical cable entering the community or building. It has the functions of fixing, stripping, welding, hopping and splitting of optical fiber.

Tray type: suitable for all types of optical fiber divider, wavelength division multiplexer integration installation use.

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