655 single-mode fiber

- Jun 14, 2018-

Single-mode fibers that meet the requirements of ITU-T.G.655, often referred to as non-0 dispersion displacement fibers or NZDSF (=NonZero Dispersion Shifted Fiber). It belongs to the dispersion displacement fiber, but the dispersion at 1550nm is not 0 value (according to ITU-T.G.655, the dispersion value corresponding to the wavelength 1530-1565nm range is 0.1-6.0ps/nm*km), which is used to balance the nonlinear effects such as four-wave mixing. Commodity fiber is like AT&T TrueWave fiber, Corning SMF-LS fiber (its 0 dispersion wavelength typical value is 1567.5nm, 0 dispersion typical value is 0.07ps/nm2*km) and Corning LEAF fiber. China's  "Big Bao real " fiber and so on.