653 single-mode fiber

- Jun 01, 2018-

Single-mode fibers that meet the requirements of ITU-T.G.653, often called dispersion displacement fibers (DSF=Dispersion Shifled Fiber), shift their 0 dispersion wavelengths to 1550nm where the loss is extremely low. This kind of optical fiber in some countries, especially in Japan is promoted to use, China's Beijing-Kowloon Main Line has also been adopted. In the early detection of AT&T in the United States, there is a serious shortage of DSF in the low dispersion zone near 1550nm, which hinders the application of fiber amplifier in 1550nm window. But in Japan, the use of dispersion compensation technology * for G.653 single-mode fiber optic lines can still solve the problem, and there is no Japanese G.655 fiber, it seems to be a mystery.