SFF-8087 SAS Connector

SFF-8087 SAS Connector

A low profile PCIe card can accommodate 4 MiniSAS HD ports versus 2MiniSAS ports.
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External MiniSAS HD copper cable assembly supports users on impact, high speed SAS applications such as: Storage, severs, HPC (High performance computing), HBAs, switch etc. The product uses 8 differential pairs to provide 4 transmission channels with 12Gbps data rate each channel. The interfaces are adopted for SAS 2.1 and SAS3.0 standards. A low profile PCIe card can accommodate 4 MiniSAS HD ports versus 2MiniSAS ports.


Series: Mini SAS

Cable Length: 1.0 Meters

Wire Size: 30AWG, Tinned Copper, OD: 0. 9*2.3,MM

Lock to Mating Part: With Latch

Plating: Au 30u' Min Over Ni 100u' min

Color: Cable Blue, Overmold Black

Environmental Compliance: RoHS

Flammability: Cable Horizontal Flame, PCB 94V-0, PBT 94V-0



1.RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks )


3.Rack-mount server


5.Storage rack

Features and Benefits

1. Transmission rate 12 Gbps .

2. Meet SAS3.0 specification.

Mechanical Performance

Mating Force and Unmating Force

Condition: EIA 364-13. Insert and extract at a speed of 25mm/minute.

Mating Force: 55 N maximum.

Unmating Force: 49 N maximum.

Electrical Performance

1. Contact Current Rating 0.5Amperes maximum per pin when mated.

2. Voltage Rating 30VAC per contact when mated or unmated.

3. Contact Resistance 30mohm max. initial, 15mohm maximum after stress test.

4. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 500 VAC for 1 minute no breakdown.

5. Insulation Resistance 1000 Mohm minimum.

Signal Integrity

1. Mated Connector Impedance: 100 ohm±15%

2. Cable Absolute Impedance: 100 ohm±10%

3. Cable Pair Matching: ±5 ohm

4. Common Mode Impedance: 25 to 40 ohms

5. Insertion loss: -6dB maximum up to 4.5Ghz;11dB maximum up to 9Ghz.

6. Crosstalk: -35 dB up to 6Ghz

Product Environmental Compliance

RoHS2.0: Compliant

China RoHS: Yes


Low-Halogen Status: Not Reviewed

1. Any inquiries will be replied within 24 hours.

2. Professional manufacturer, 15 years manufacturing experience.

3. OEM/ODM available

1) Printing your logo on the cable.

2) Printing your logo on the pull our box, make according to your design.


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