LC 12 Core Fiber Optic Pigtails

Fiber optic pigtail is one of the most common components connecting from the equipment to the fiber optic lind.
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LC Fiber Optic Pigtail

Fiber optic pigtail is one of the most common components connecting from the equipment to the fiber optic lind. It is normally used between the optical line teminal with the optical cable terminal box with thick protection layer.


1. Low insertion loss and back reflection loss

2. Ferrule end surface pre-domed

3. Excellent mechanical endurance

4. Good in repeatability

5. Good in exchange

6. Green Production, CE, RoHS StandardApplications:

Application :

Local Area Network (LAN)

Data communication network

Telecommunication optical transmission network

Optical access network(OAN)

Active device termination

Fiber optics data transmission(FODT)

Test Equipment


Fiber cable performance specifications






200/500 MHz/Km

@100Mbps 2km @1Gig 220m





500/500 MHz/Km

@100Mbps 2km @1Gig 500m




10Gig Optimized


2000/500 MHz/Km

@100Gig Varies by VCSEL typical 300m 2850nm





Approx 100 Terahertz

Up to 100km Varies by transceiver



1. OM3 fiber optic jumper application scenarios

A. When the link is less than 300 meters, gigabit, ten million system can use OM3 fiber jumper.

B. When the link is less than or equal to 1000 meters more than 300 meters, the gigabit system can use OM3 fiber jumper. This means that users do not have to use expensive lasers when the distance between buildings is more than 550m.

C. When the link is less than or equal to 2000 meters more than 1000 meters, OM3 fiber jumper can also improve the transmission distance of gigabit and ten million system, using 850nm wavelength optical module and VCSEL matching, is the most cost-effective wiring scheme.

2. OM4 fiber jumper application scenarios

A. OM4 fiber jumpers are mainly used for 10G, 40G and 100G Ethernet, is the optimized version of OM3 fiber jumpers, so all aspects of performance than OM3 fiber jumpers are stronger, so the rate in the case of 40G or 100G OM4 fiber jumpers is a good choice.

B. For Ethernet users, in the 10Gb/s system transmission, the transmission distance can be up to 300m to 600m; In the 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s systems, the transmission distance is up to 100m to 350m.

C. For the campus network users, OM4 fiber jumper will support 4Gb/s fiber link length of 400m, 8Gb/s fiber link length of 200m, 16Gb/s fiber link length of 130m.

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