12 Core LC Connector Fiber Pigtails

Fiber optic pigtail is available in both Single mode and multimode versions.
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LC Fiber Optic Pigtail

Fiber optic pigtail is available in both Single mode and multimode versions.

Both single-mode and multimode versions fiber optic patch cord come with a zirconia ceramic ferrule with pre-polished PC,UPC,APC profile and convex spherical end.These end face types allow for faster polishing, and low back reflection and optical loss, while ensuring maximum repeatability


1. Low insertion loss and back reflection loss

2. Ferrule end surface pre-domed

3. Excellent mechanical endurance

4. Good in repeatability

5. Good in exchange

6. Green Production, CE, RoHS StandardApplications:

Application :

Local Area Network (LAN)

Data communication network

Telecommunication optical transmission network

Optical access network(OAN)

Active device termination

Fiber optics data transmission(FODT)

Test Equipment



After the completion of optical cable laying, a complete optical fiber transmission link can be formed only through optical fiber connection. A fiber optic link has many connection points, including direct connection point of fiber optic, connector end connection and connector interconnection, etc., so fiber optic connection also has two forms of connection and end connection correspondingly.

Fiber optic termination is the process of connecting a fiber optic connector to a fiber optic cable and then polishing it. In order to reduce the connection loss, the connector should be connected and polished. Fiber terminal is mainly used to make fiber jumper and fiber pigtails .

An optical fiber pigtails line is a connector similar to a half jumper used to connect an optical fiber and an optical fiber coupler, which includes a jumper joint and a section of optical fiber.

Optical fiber pigtails is slender, pigtails fiber cross section for 8 ° Angle of inclined plane, not high temperature resistant, more than 100 ℃ is peeling.

It should be noted that fiber pigtails and jumper are not the same concept. Only one end of fiber pigtails is a movable joint, and both ends of jumper are movable joints. There are many kinds of interfaces, and different interfaces require different couplers.

Why customers choose SOPTIC and they are satisfied with us?

1. Reasonable Price with Good quality .

2. More than 20QC to check the quality, IQC to check the input materiel, IPQC check the quality on production line.QA will inspect the goods before shipment. All the process products are strictly quality controlled.

3. More than 6 engineers to make the drawing and solve technical problem.

Our Major products are SFP, 10G SFP+、25G SFP28、40G QSFP+、100G QSFP28、12G MINI SAS HD and  AOC:10G SFP+ AOC、40 SFP+ AOC、100G QSFP28 AOC, BIDI SFP, 10G XFP,10G XENPAK, 10G X2, DWDM/CWDM SFP, Copper SFP , Fiber Optic Patch cord , PLC splitter and so on .

Applications and data rates from 155Mbps to 10Gbps .Since the launch of our products on the domestic market and international market,


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